Dr. Janelle Victory Clarke: A Global Icon in the Humanitarian Sector

Women who have achieved prominence in the humanitarian sector are a rare breed. A multi-award-winning leader, Dr. Janelle Victory Clarke, is one of those handful of ladies whose charitable deeds are acknowledged globally. Dr. Janelle is a multi-award-winning humanitarian and businesswoman who is well-known for her exceptional efforts to help Harlesden, London’s marginalized citizens.

“My name is Dr. Janelle Victory Clarke Pamphile. I am a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, author, humanitarian, and philanthropist. I have an honorary doctorate in Health Information Management. I am a Global Ambassador and a Changemaker, and I am the founder of Janelle’s Flowers Weddings & Events, the Women of Excellence Foundation, and Hope with a Smile CIC,” Dr. Janelle shared in introduction. The primary goals of Hope With a Smile are to help marginalized people in the Harlesden, London, community and to support families impacted by drug addiction and domestic abuse. The Women of Excellence Foundation works to empower women and families globally.

The achievements of Dr. Janelle are truly amazing. She stands out due to her remarkable array of personal and professional accomplishments.

“The 9th of March 2024 is a day I will never forget. I received my Honorary Doctorate in Health Information Management from the International University of Information Management (IUIM) in London. It was bestowed upon me in recognition of my highly exceptional skills and unwavering determination in all my endeavors, especially my humanitarian work for my society, community, and humanity as a former Imperial College hospital professional.

In addition to my doctoral degree, I have been the recipient of multiple honors and recognitions, including the Dr. Pauline Humanitarian Awards, the Superwoman Awards, the Panache Global Entertainment Awards, the Beautiful Survivor Awards 2019, the Triple AAA Awards 2021, the Exceptional Woman of Excellence 2022, the WinTrade Global Awards, the WAW Hall of Fame, Speakers Awards, Stardust Awards, Peace Ambassador Awards, and many more,” explained Dr. Janelle.

Successful people see adversity as an essential part of the road to success. Overcoming hurdles helps us enhance our problem-solving skills and strengthen our resilience for long-term success. Dr. Janelle’s path to success is a great example of this.

“I endured great challenges and disparities when I arrived from Trinidad, my birthplace. I was left stranded at Gatwick International Airport, but I refused to be a victim. I pushed myself to become the best version of myself through hard work, determination, and resilience. I went back to school to learn why the homeless got a job at the hospital as a domestic cleaner and to build myself up to become a nurse at Imperial College NHS Trust Hospitals and an equality and diversity coordinator. Life wasn’t smooth, but I used the lemons in my life and made the sweetest lemonade,” stated Dr. Janelle.
Dr. Janelle is involved in providing support to families affected by autism through the Brent Outreach Autism Team (BOAT) and educating young people about gun and knife crime. She is unique in that she runs a reading club for families in her home while also teaching them attitude and confidence-boosting skills that will help them pursue success in their personal and family lives. She is of the view that changing our mentality can lead to positive changes in our lives.
Dr. Janelle’s accomplishments are just too numerous to list here. In addition to her outstanding accomplishments as an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and philanthropist, she is the award-winning author of 7 books. She provides a bright beacon of hope to anyone struggling with trauma and abuse anywhere in the world with her book, Pain Passes But the Beauty Remains Forever. She works as a celebrity florist and designer, producing exquisite floral arrangements for renowned events and high-end establishments such as the Ritz Hotel and the Brent Civic Center.
Dr. Janelle is a powerhouse of talent and kindness, and her journey from adversity to becoming one of the world’s most inspiring female humanitarians and entrepreneurs is incredibly motivating. Her life philosophy, “When life throws you lemon make lemonade,” offers young women everywhere a path to success.

Without a doubt, Dr. Janelle is a global icon who inspires us to take on more challenges, achieve new levels of success, and help marginalized people.

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