There has been a lack of leadership at all levels to deal with demonstrations that cross the line.Housefather, Anthony – M.P.

Dear Friends,


There has been a lack of leadership at all levels to deal with demonstrations that cross the line.

Like many of you I was furious when I saw the images of the Federation CJA building surrounded by demonstrators on Monday night. Stopping people from entering or leaving the building is intimidation pure and simple. It is also illegal. You cannot exercise your right to free speech by taking away the free speech of others. Please watch the video below where I express my thoughts on this in more detail:

Thoughts on the right to demonstrate | Réflexions sur le droit de manifester (

On Tuesday, I met with the local police commander to express my concerns about the way the Monday event was handled and met with Jewish community leadership at CIJA and Federation CJA to discuss policing and other issues. I was pleased that an injunction was obtained on Tuesday and policing was far better for the demonstration outside the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue on Tuesday.

But some thoughts:

  1. Policing here is municipal. Many people are blaming the wrong level of government here. Mayor Plante and the Agglomeration Public Security Commission need to act.
  2. The same issues exist in Toronto (where an event featuring the Prime Ministers of Canada and Italy needed to be canceled) and other large cities.
  3. I have called upon the Prime Minister, the Premiers, the Mayors, and all opposition leaders to echo the statements I have made in the video above. Police need to know that their political leaders want them to enforce the law, not just be innocent bystanders and that we will support them fully when they arrest and charge people who have committed an illegal act.
  4. It is illegal to block access to a building or to trespass on private property as happened on Monday. Police need to act when these things occur.
  5. It is not illegal to protest outside a synagogue, mosque, or church but it is also not appropriate or kind to do so. The same is true of some chants. They may not be illegal but if you know what you are chanting is hurtful, hateful, and intimidating to another group, you should find better words to use to make your point.

I understand how frustrated everyone is and as your MP and your voice I am trying to do my best to provide a clear message whether people agree with me or not. And clearly the demonstrators do not as they chanted that I was committing genocide as was my colleague, Rachel Bendayan. For the record, I am not committing genocide, and neither is Rachel. We just happen to be Jewish Canadians. And yes, that is also a hateful chant.

Auto Theft Summit

This week we had our Mount Royal Auto Theft Summit. It brought together me and MNA Elisabeth Prass, Mayors Jeremy Levi, Peter Malouf and Mitchell Brownstein, Councillors Sonny Moroz and Stephanie Valenzuela and Councillors representing TMR, Hampstead and Cote Saint-Luc. We met with representatives of the federal Ministers of Public Safety, Justice, Transport, and Industry and had an incredibly robust discussion on how we can piggyback on the national work to make a difference locally.

UNRWA And Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

A significant amount of inaccurate information was floating around in the last couple of days on this issue. My view is that we absolutely need to step up to provide humanitarian aid to Palestinian civilians in Gaza and that we should not be providing the aid through UNRWA. We need to work with our like-minded allies like the United States and United Kingdom to provide aid through other existing sources and create new ones. For my position, please see the statement that I issued with my friend and colleague Marco Mendicino:

A Week of Meetings

Over the last few days, I have spoken with and met with multiple groups. I had the pleasure of speaking at the Cummings Center for Seniors and met with the FCFA that represents French speaking communities outside of Quebec. I will work closely with them and English-speaking community organizations in Quebec to secure additional funding under the new Action Plan and on regulations under the Official Languages Act. Minority language rights is a passion for me, and I will always fight for both communities.

I had a meeting with X (formerly Twitter) to discuss their work on hate on the platform and met with the Canadian Union of Jewish Students to discuss how I could assist them combat antisemitism on campus and had a separate meeting on this subject with York University. I also met with the Institute for the Study of Antisemitism and Policy to see how we could collaborate on work in Canada. I also met with former cabinet Minister Jacques Saada and Daniel Amar from the Montreal Holocaust Museum to talk about the project for the new museum.

I met with local housing advocates to see how I could assist with projects to design housing for the autistic community and had multiple meetings and briefings in my role as Parliamentary Secretary to the President of the Treasury Board.

Mourning Brian Mulroney

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney passed away last Thursday, and he was a kind and compassionate man who was one of the greatest Canadians of my lifetime. When I was going through a difficult time in December, Brian called me to offer support. He did this for many thousands of people over his lifetime. He will be remembered not only for great national projects like the Free Trade Agreement but also for his decency. My deepest sympathies to Mila, Caroline, Ben, Mark, Nicholas, and their families


Ramadan stands as the most sacred month within Islam, observed worldwide by Muslims who fast throughout its duration. Throughout this sacred month, Muslims across Canada and around the world will refrain from consuming food and drinks from sunrise to sunset. The month is also marked with communal prayer, personal and spiritual introspection, and gatherings with family, friends, and communities to break the fast together. Ramadan Mubarak, to all those celebrating!

Questions and Answers


What new funding was announced for Official Language Communities?

Minister Boissonnault was in Dieppe, New Brunswick, to announce that 308 national and local organisations will receive top-up funding of 12,5% as of this year, totalling 62,5 million dollars over five years as part of the 2023-2028 Action Plan for Official Languages. This supplement is part of the various measures our government is putting in place to support the vitality of official language minority communities.

This additional funding will help organisations reinforce local activities in support of our official language minority communities. It will also allow them to best navigate current economic challenges, such as labour needs. Our official languages are powerful vehicles of inclusion, in addition to being vectors of social cohesion.

What did the Public Order Emergency Commission’s Report conclude about the Emergency Act?

In early 2022, illegal blockades disrupted the lives of Canadians across the country, endangered public safety, and blocked critical trade corridors. Ensuring the safety and security of every Canadian was our top priority. That is why, after careful consideration of all available options, we took the serious step of invoking the Emergencies Act.

The Commission’s Final Report found that the high threshold to invoke the Emergencies Act was met and that the decision was appropriate. It also contained 56 recommendations to address gaps that were identified and proposed changes that should be made if the Act were ever to be invoked again.

Our government will engage Provinces and Territories, Indigenous partners, stakeholders, and civil society on all 22 Emergencies Act-related recommendations, including seeking views on potential legislative amendments as described in the recommendations.

Thanks to Justice Rouleau and the Commission for the diligence with which they undertook their mandate, including in elaborating the recommendations to update the Emergencies Act.

What new services are offered by Service Canada?


In recent years, Service Canada has made several operational changes to improve the way clients complete key interactions with us online, including:

  • Accepting online applications for various programs, including Employment

Insurance (EI), Social Insurance Number (SIN) and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).

  • The eServiceCanada callback request form and passport/biometrics appointment booking system.
  • The online Passport Application Status Checker.

We have also made continual improvements to the way clients can access their information online. Clients can access and make changes to information on their file through MSCA, including EI, public pensions, and SIN.

As of August 2023, users are able to view their SIN online using MSCA, and more recently as of January 2024, SIN applicants now have the option to receive their SIN confirmation letter by email instead of mail. By offering more services online, not only are we able to offer a more convenient option for our clients, but we are also realizing reduced wait times in person and by phone through our call centres.


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