Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus: An Excellent Career Role Model

Career role models can greatly improve our capacity to make wiser career decisions by offering us insights, inspiration, motivation, and learning from their experiences. In today’s highly competitive work environment, female executives who have achieved unprecedented career success deserve to be called “career role models.” Among these career role models is Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus, the founder of 123MomSquad

“I’m Jennifer Subjeck-Fedus. In addition to being the proud founder of 123 Momsquad, I am a happy mother of two children and a fighter against chronic illness. I am an entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and mentor. I share my story and tips that may help moms live their best lives.

Me and my wonderful family reside in Buffalo, New York. For the previous two years, I have been accomplishing my lifelong ambitions! I launched my own company, launched a podcast, and wrote my first children’s book,” Jennifer shared in introduction.   

Jennifer is a woman with many talents. She is qualified to serve as a role model for leadership among the next generation of female leaders due to her outstanding success in entrepreneurship. Her approach to managing chronic illnesses and navigating entrepreneurship is incredibly motivating. Her company, 123 Momsquad, is quickly becoming well-known under her astute leadership. 123 Momsquad is a group of strong, independent women helping one another with the challenges of being a mom. She works to support all the moms who are experiencing chronic pain and disease since helping others is one of her life goals.

Jennifer has made a name for herself as a brand that encourages women everywhere to tap into the strength of unity and optimism. Her mission is to spread awareness of the positive effects of encouraging one another—even on difficult days!

Jennifer is an award-winning author, motivational speaker and mentor in addition to her successful business career. She is the author of the well-known children’s book, The Adventures of Spiki and Alien. Becoming a children’s book author has been a dream of hers since she was 9.

Seeing obstacles as opportunities in disguise is one of the most important lessons in success. Taking on obstacles can encourage people to think outside the box, become resilient, and realize their full potential. Jennifer is a prime illustration of this. 

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced for most of my life was being dismissed by my healthcare team. Especially when I was a young female and “looked” fine. You cannot “see” a chronic illness. We call them “invisible disabilities.”

I have personally overcome 6 abdominal surgeries accompanied by several chronic illnesses spanning the majority of my life. The daily challenges of having a chronic illness can be overwhelming. Especially to those around you that don’t understand what you are going through. It takes a lot of mental and physical strength to get through the “bad days.” But because I have a positive outlook, unyielding resolve, and the ability to view any obstacle as a chance to improve, I am able to take on these difficulties head-on,” explained Jennifer.

Despite progress, compared to their male counterparts, women still struggle to be successful business owners. The ultimate goal of every woman is to become financially independent, and entrepreneurship can help them achieve this. Young ladies can directly benefit from the guidance of successful business role models such as Jennifer.

“When you think of how much impact your story can have on others is when the growth happens.

Take the focus off of making money.

Focus on serving your community and making a difference.

Get out and make connections! Join networking groups to share your business.

Be a guest on podcasts within your niche to share your business with people outside your local community,” she recommends.

Career role models are successful professionals whose actions unconsciously inspire new and emerging professionals to follow in their footsteps. Their remarkable career progression has earned them recognition. It would not be incorrect to suggest that Jennifer has qualified as an excellent “career role model.” 

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