Yee-haw, Beyoncé: Singer announces country album, drops songs during Super Bowl

Just Beyoncé could effectively pull consideration away from Taylor Quick and the 2024 Super Bowl.

On Sunday night, Verizon broadcasted a Super Bowl business that included a thrilling declaration from Beyoncé: new music is coming.

The perplexing, self-referring to commercial saw Beyoncé energetically wear various caps, showing up as a live-streaming gamer, a man-made intelligence robot and, surprisingly, as a contender for Beyoncé of the US (BOTUS).

Eventually, the promotion drove Beyoncé fans to an eagerly awaited announcement.”OK, they prepared — drop the new music. I told you all the Renaissance isn’t finished,” Beyoncé uncovered in the promotion.

Independently on her web-based entertainment pages, the vocalist said her new collection Act II, a development to her 2022 collection Renaissance, will be delivered on Walk 29.

Beyoncé likewise delivered two new tunes after the Verizon promotion broadcasted, Texas Hold Them and 16 Carriages, the two of which highlight a country-esque twang.

A limited time video for Texas Hold Them showed Beyoncé passing through the state while spectators gaped at a board publicizing the single.The expected collection is generally accepted to be country-inspired.In Texas Hold Them, Beyoncé references her home state and various blue grass music sayings, including whisky, parties and plunge bars.

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