Dr. Crystal J Davis: A Leadership Role Model.

Some women with heroic spirits have made empowering individuals and organizations their life purpose, believing that this is the only way to achieve economic transformation. Dr. Crystal J. Davis, an award-winning entrepreneur, is one of these exceptional women.

“As an expert servant leadership consultant, author, and independent Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker with the John Maxwell Team, I use an “others-centered” approach to assisting great leaders in building great organizations. My mission is to teach, inspire, and equip individuals, teams, and organizations with effective and entertaining e-learning courses that help them generate, keep, and exploit their intellectual capital and achieve their business goals. Our vision is to be a world-class provider of servant leadership and professional development e-learning courses that assist people and organizations all around the world,” stated Dr. Davis.

CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC, has evolved into one of the most successful enterprises, empowering individuals, teams, and organizations.

“I created CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC in 2004. Our approach to consulting, coaching, training, speaking, and writing is based primarily on servant leadership and is intended to assist teams and individuals in achieving transformative change. CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC, is an organizational development and leadership consulting firm that employs the servant leadership method to connect and align organizational performance and achieve long-term success. We believe that empowering and motivating individuals, teams, and organizations results in high performance as well as the transformation and construction of transformative organizations. We listen deeply, ask probing questions, and assess an organization’s culture. We work with leaders and teams to establish the vision and plan for your future success,” explained Dr. Davis.

Youth entrepreneurship is critical for generating economic growth, innovation, and job creation. Dr. Davis’s business success tips, as an entrepreneurial role model, could help budding entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

“Embrace Inclusive Leadership: A servant leader recognizes the value of diversity and inclusion. Empower aspiring female entrepreneurs by creating an inclusive culture within your business. Encourage diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences. When all team members feel heard and respected, innovation and creativity thrive, leading to business success.

Mentorship and Support: As a servant leader, offer mentorship and support to female entrepreneurs. Share your knowledge, experiences, and resources. Create a network or community where they can connect with like-minded individuals. By providing guidance and a supportive environment, you help them build confidence and navigate challenges more effectively.

Encourage Personal Growth: Servant leadership places a strong emphasis on personal development. Encourage aspiring female entrepreneurs to invest in their own growth. Provide opportunities for continuous learning, skill development, and self-improvement. When individuals are empowered to grow personally and professionally, they become more resilient and adaptable in the business world.

Prioritize Service and Empathy: Cultivate a deep sense of service and empathy in your entrepreneurial journey. A servant leader places the needs of others first. Understand the pain points and desires of your customers, employees, and community. Tailor your products or services to genuinely address their needs. By demonstrating authentic care and empathy, you not only build stronger relationships but also create a loyal customer base that drives long-term business success. Remember, a business that serves others effectively tends to thrive because it’s rooted in meeting genuine human needs.

Collaboration over Competition: Promote a culture of collaboration over competition. Encourage female entrepreneurs to seek partnerships and collaborations with others in their industry. A servant leader recognizes that collective success often leads to individual success. By fostering a collaborative mindset, you empower them to leverage the strengths of their peers and achieve more together,” she recommends.

Dr. Davis is the author of three books: Leading from Within: The Spirituality of Servant Leadership (2014), Leadership and Followership: Examining the Impact on Workplace Behavior (2017), and Bloom Where You Are Planted: Servant Leadership Reflections (2018). Her research interests include servant leadership, organizational development and culture, change management, and management diversity.

Dr. Davis’s accomplishments and contributions are too numerous to list here. She has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations achieve their objectives. She received the To the Stars Kansas Business Award (2022) and the 2021 Minority-Owned Business of the Year Award for her exceptional achievements.

CJD Consulting Solutions, LLC, has evolved into one of the most successful enterprises, empowering individuals, teams, and organizations under Dr. Davis’s astute leadership. Dr. Davis has undoubtedly become a leadership role model.




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