Cassandra Lang: A Model for Female Leadership

Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another. Women with extensive experience in self-employment may be better qualified to mentor and empower the next generation of female leaders because they have already overcome the obstacles that most women in leadership roles face. Achieving financial independence and autonomy is the ultimate objective for every woman, and self-employment is the only path toward this.  

Cassandra Lang, a woman with over 20 years of experience in leadership roles, has helped many women become stronger leaders through her motivational speeches and mentorship programs. She has served as an instrument of empowerment for a diverse range of individuals and groups, including community leaders, small business owners, and non-profit organization leaders. She’s the founder of the Create Your World Wisdom Network Internet Radio Station. She holds a business administration degree from Remington College.

Cassandra has worked as the Marketing Director and Account Executive at WPFC 1550AM for more than 20 years, as well as the Sales Director for Clear Channel Radio Station and Gospel Truth Magazine (Kerry Douglas). She is the Producer & Host of the Cassandra Lang Show and Community Empowerment, a Producer and Writer of the “Bring Back Your Glory” live recording, and a Producer of meditative scriptures, Love Thoughts and Healing Scriptures.

In addition to being a highly experienced Executive, Motivational Speaker, and Mentor, Cassandra has empowered countless individuals through her empowering books. Her books include Create Your World: You Have The Power To Create Your World, Discover Yourself, I am A Queen and Uncover Her Innocent Eyes.

Things move swiftly in a fast-paced workplace. There’s a lot going on. Therefore, you have to be prepared for new and occasionally urgent work at all times. If you know how to manage your business, you can have a great leadership career in this kind of setting. The next wave of female leaders may get a lot of empowerment from Cassandra’s tips on business success. 

“Write the vision.

Find a coach/mentor. 

Connect with like minded people.

Be consistent.

Giving away tiny gifts like mugs, pens, books, or keychains is a terrific method to build brand recognition because everyone enjoys freebies. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s necessary to give a little in order to take a lot,” she recommends.

A well chosen career role model can provide young female professionals with motivation and inspiration to progress in their careers. Given her stellar leadership career, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Cassandra Lang has unquestionably established herself as a role model for female leadership.



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