Jennifer Lapompe: A Model for Female Leadership

Women continue to be underrepresented in leadership positions in comparison to men, with women accounting for only 30% of managerial jobs in the United Kingdom (Siobhan Morrin, June 29, 2022). Despite the facts stated above, some women have established themselves as role models for female leadership through outstanding professional accomplishments. Jennifer Lapompe, who has been the CEO of several companies for the past 27 years, is one of these executive role models. 

Jennifer is the CEO of Janailah Ltd., Shai Foundation, and ESSENCE OF ILIA Ltd. In addition to being an award-winning executive, she is a Speaker, Business Mentor, Social Care Provider, Author, award-winning Humanitarian and an Ordained Minister.

Jennifer’s success story is very inspirational. She immigrated to the United Kingdom as a tiny child from the Caribbean island of Barbados. She built a reputation for herself in both the public, commercial and humanitarian sectors through hard work, enthusiasm, and determination. She, a proud mother of one young man, considers herself a mother to many disadvantaged children. 

Jennifer launched Janailah Ltd. in 1997, which provides residential services for young people as well as mentoring for individuals and organizations, mostly in the social care industry. In 2000, Jennifer developed a Care Home for young women aged 13 and up. She has mentored numerous individuals and organizations in the areas of personal and professional development.

Jennifer’s is at the forefront of helping children and their families through the Shai Foundation. She focuses her efforts on poor and destitute children whose lives have been negatively influenced by poverty, neglect, and abuse. The Shai Foundation is interested in assisting children in the United Kingdom and the Caribbean. Since 2012, the Foundation has been supporting children in Haiti through its education, food and home building projects. The Foundation has begun negotiations with the intention of expanding the charity’s work across other Caribbean islands.

In 2021, the Shai Foundation teamed up with a well-known charity in the UK and provided food parcels to disadvantaged children and families at Christmas.

Jennifer launched Essence of Ilia in 2016. It is a revolutionary organization that provides a diverse range of products and services. She and her organization are on a mission to transform lives through writing, products, seminars, mentorship, and a number of other mediums.

Jennifer is a published Author in addition to being an exceptional Businesswoman, Business Mentor, Speaker, and Humanitarian. Her first product was a box set of prayer cards and the book, Step by Step to Victory. She is rewriting Step by Step to Victory. Her book about the Care Industry is nearing completion. 

Every woman’s accomplishment should serve as an encouragement to others. Positive role models such as Jennifer have a positive impact on young women attaining their goals. Her quotes could be a great source of empowerment for young women.

“Our life journey is influenced by many things. Each day we encounter individuals and embrace different experiences that shape our lives; some impact us more than others. We can choose how we respond to what we see, what we hear, what we’re told, and what we believe. 

Many years ago, as a 19-year-old young woman, filled with aspirations and hope for my future, I read a book called ‘The Power of the Subconscious Mind’. That book had a profound influence on how I managed my thoughts and my actions.
One of the key messages I took away from the book was this: “What we think we create, what we feel we attract and what we imagine we become.”

That mantra has kept me going throughout my adult life. It created a sense of belief in me that enabled me to dream—to believe that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Of course, success requires preparation and action, but the greatest element is belief—a belief in a higher power, a belief in self and a belief in possibilities. Your imagination plays a key part in the process.

Know that what you need to succeed is already within you. You are your best resource. When you dig deep enough, you will find your golden nuggets—your God-given gifts, talents, and abilities.

Take one step at a time towards success. The most challenging step is the first one.
Once you start to move, the finishing line is in sight.
Important thing to remember, have faith and enjoy the journey,” she advises.

Jennifer’s professional accomplishments are just too many to list here. She has been nominated for numerous accolades for her excellent achievements as a businesswoman. She was given a Humanitarian Award for her outstanding charitable activity.

The next generation of female leaders needs role models such as Jennifer to overcome obstacles like gender and racial bias and stereotyping in the workplace, balancing work and home responsibilities, and imposter syndrome. Jennifer advises, “Get to know yourself, don’t let your identity be defined by others, dare to be different. Know that you really are enough.”

Jennifer Lapompe has unquestionably established herself as a leadership role model for young women all around the world as a result of her great achievements as a female leader.

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