Mandira Bedi official host of WCL

The World Championship of Legends (WCL) is set to elevate its status in the cricketing world with the announcement of acclaimed television presenter and actress Mandira Bedi as the official host. As excitement builds for this premier cricket league, WCL is also introducing a nostalgic twist: in the event of a tie, matches will be decided by the classic “bowl out” method, reminiscent of early Twenty20 formats, instead of the contemporary super overs.
Mandira Bedi, a renowned figure in the world of cricket broadcasting, will bring her charisma and deep understanding of the game to the tournament, engaging fans and players alike. Her involvement is expected to enhance the viewing experience, adding a touch of glamour and her energy to the already star-studded event.
The decision to adopt the “bowl out” method for resolving tied matches harks back to the early days of T20 cricket, providing a nostalgic and thrilling element for both players and spectators. This format, where bowlers aim to hit the stumps unguarded by a batsman, promises to deliver high tension and excitement, making every ball count in crucial moments.
The World Championship of Legends, co-owned by Bollywood icon Ajay Devgn, will feature legendary players from the past, showcasing their skills and passion for the game once more. The tournament is scheduled to take place from July 3rd to July 13th at the iconic grounds of Edgbaston and Northamptonshire County Cricket Club in the UK.

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