Latrice Delgado-Macon: A Model for the Next Generation of Female Fashion Industry Leaders

Fashion styling is one of the most coveted and sought-after careers. Being a fashion stylist is delightful because it allows you to work across a wide range of sectors, have the opportunity to travel and interact closely with some of the most popular celebrities in the world. For people who have a strong sense of style, are enthusiastic about aesthetics, and are up-to-date on the newest trends, a career as a fashion stylist may lead to greater success.

Despite a male-dominated and increasingly competitive workplace, some female fashion stylists, such as Latrice Delgado-Macon, have become highly sought-after personalities in the fashion world. She holds the crown of Mrs. Michigan and has received numerous awards and honors, including the 2019 African American Leadership Awards.

“My grandmother was the first person to introduce me to the world of fashion, and our shopping trips together are some of my favorite childhood memories. I still wear many of her hand-me-downs, which are some of my favorite pieces. My job at a luxury retailer allows me to continue exploring the fashion world and connect with others who share my passion. I’m constantly discovering new brands and learning from others. My personal style is focused on finding pieces that bring me joy, rather than solely focusing on what looks good. My style icons are primarily 70s songstresses, but I find inspiration in many different sources. While I wish I could diversify my wardrobe, I’m currently in a rut where I wear joggers every day. It’s not the most stylish choice, but it’s my reality,” said Latrice.

Latrice is a leading fashion stylist, businesswoman, and philanthropist in Michigan, known for her extraordinary ability to curate signature looks for some of the most prominent A-listers and influencers. She has also made a name for herself as a modern philanthropist and motivational speaker within her community. She holds degrees from the University of Phoenix and Wayne State University and has worked with numerous well known firms.

Latrice is a professor at Wayne County Community College, teaching fashion styling 101, and spends her time on mentorship and philanthropic work within her community, including her work with the Detroit Fashion Community, a 501c3 organization she established to help creatives in Detroit and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in their ventures.

Latrice is unique in that she is a self-made fashion entrepreneur and runs multiple firms, such as Detroit Fashion Community and The Styling Closet, which makes her a role model for other women who aspire to start or grow their own businesses. Self employment and entrepreneurship help women achieve financial autonomy and independence, which enable them to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Latrice’s business success strategies, as an exceptionally skilled fashion stylist and entrepreneur who has taught fashion styling to numerous individuals, may help the next generation of female leaders achieve greater success.

“Back yourself up with a support network.

Get comfortable asking for help and learn to set boundaries.

Focus on hard work and soft skills.

Learn the art of funding (and crowdfunding).

Focus on achievements. Results will follow,” advises Latrice.

Latrice’s accomplishments as a fashion entrepreneur are too many to list here. In addition to running her own businesses, she has worked with many well known firms, including Fox 2 News, Talk of Detroit, Gucci, Fashion Group International, State Farm Insurance, MGM Grand Casino, Fashion Party Weekend, Seagram’s Gin Model Search, Scarlet Communications,, Banana Republic, Lord & Taylor, Metro Museum Of Design Detroit (MMODD), and Somerset Collections.

Due to her extensive experience and outstanding accomplishments, Latrice has definitely become a model for the next generation of female fashion industry leaders. 


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