Explosion in Quebec sends 8 people, including 4 children to hospital

An explosion in Saint-Constant, a city on the south shore of Montreal, has sent two families to hospital with severe burns.According to authorities, the two families were gathered in a backyards when the garage behind them exploded.At around 9:40 p.m., police received several 911 calls from neighbours saying the building on Breton Street was on fire.Authorities say firefighters found the victims on the front lawn of the home and the home across the street.Luc Lapointe, chief of operations of the fire department of Grandes-Seigneuries, told Media that all eight people suffered severe burns to different parts of their bodies

Multiple ambulances were dispatched to the scene to transport the victims to a Montreal hospital. None are in life-threatening condition.The victims’ ages range from three to 45 years old. Four of them are children.Firefighers are still investigating the cause of the incident. It is not clear whether the explosion was the cause of the fire, or if the fire caused the explosion, authorities say.A small number of Hydro-Québec customers in the area were left without power for over 17 hours. While the explosion destroyed the home’s garage, no other buildings were damaged.

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