Dr. Angie Eugene: A Leadership Role Model

Having good leadership is critical for the success of any business. Leaders serve to inspire and motivate individuals and help create a successful environment by promoting collaboration and communication. They also provide direction and a well-defined vision.

Leadership is more than simply making decisions and directing teams of people; it’s also about setting an example of morals and behavior that others may imitate. All of the aforementioned essential leadership qualities are flawlessly embodied by the multi-award-winning female leader, Dr. Angie Eugene.

Dr. Angie Eugene was appointed as an Ambassador for the United Nations in 2015. She is an entrepreneur, a published Author, a Public Speaker, and a Certified Life Coach. She recently received the President’s Lifetime Achievement Humanitarian Award from the White House. She is also the recipient of the Women of Honor Awards and the 2016 RICE Awards.

Dr. Angie has been a successful entrepreneur for the past 22 years. She is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of TriUnity Global and Naturally Enhancing Health, a health and wellness company that operates an all-natural skincare line and also sells other health products, including alkaline water sticks, coffee, weight loss pills, vaporizer pens, etc. She is also the founder of Trinity Vision, a non-profit organization that provides community service by providing clothing, canned goods, and toiletries to the homeless, as well as coordinating toy drives.

Dr. Angie has a broad professional background that includes successful management roles at several restaurants and hospitality businesses, including Marriott, Applebee’s, and Logan’s Roadhouse. Her operational know-how and business savvy helped these businesses grow their clientele and revenue. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from American Intercontinental University in Atlanta, Georgia. She also attended Macon State College, where she earned her real estate pre-license certification.

Dr. Angie, a native of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, is a devoted and hardworking volunteer in the Warner Robins, Georgia, community. Among her interests are her roles as president of the Middle Georgia Fraternal Order of Eagles and chairwoman of the Warner Robins Chapter of Simply United Together Global, an international organization that organizes community service. Additionally, she serves on the boards of RMRI (Real Men Real Issues), Women’s Build, and Habitat for Humanity.

Success comes to those who embrace challenges. Dr. Angie’s life has been filled with adversity as well as triumph. She has faced economic difficulties, social difficulties, gender discrimination, little money, and no resources. She frequently researched topics for information throughout the 1990’s at local libraries which became her main sources for information. Because she was a female, she wasn’t taken seriously. 

After experiencing many doors shutting in her face, Dr. Angie discovered the unbalance in our society, our culture, our politics, our economics, our history, technology, and so much more. She discovered all the total negative impacts on our economic growth as a country.

Due to gender discrimination, Dr. Angie discovered that women were denied access to many decision-making sectors, including educational, social, economic, religious, cultural, and political arenas. Although she knew it was all very unfair, she also recognized that it was our reality.

Through it all, though, Dr. Angie has discovered business success tips, or how to make a business successful. She learned that by defining her goals, providing value to her customers, building a strong, reliable, loyal team, embracing change, and staying very persistent, she could achieve success in her business(es). And she began teaching those tips to anyone who would listen.

Dr. Angie has a message for young female entrepreneurs:

“Don’t sit down and wait for opportunities to come to you. Kick down some doors!!! Get up and make things happen for you. I was once timid, shy, and cared about other people’s opinions of me. I heard them saying about me, “Who does she think she is?” Now, I have the courage and faith to stand and say, “This is who I was born to be. This is who God made me to be. And I am who I am.”

Though women have made great strides in many areas, many working women still do not have financial independence or control over their income. Dr. Angie, who has demonstrated herself as a leadership role model by successfully running several organizations for over two decades, may inspire more women to pursue entrepreneurship since it’s the only path for them to achieve financial independence and economic freedom.


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