Dr. Dominique M. Carson, LMP: A Model for the Next Generation of Multifaceted Female Professionals

Having multiple careers and achieving remarkable recognition in each is definitely a great accomplishment. A multi-award-winning female professional, Dr. Dominique M. Carson, LMP, who pursued multiple careers and achieved remarkable recognition in each, exemplifies this brilliantly. She has established herself as a model for the next wave of multifaceted female professionals.

Dr. Carson earned a Master of Science in Media Studies in 2014 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Italian in 2012 from her alma mater, Brooklyn College. She was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism from the Global International Alliance Advocate University in Spring 2024. 

“My name is Dr. Dominique M. Carson, LMP. I have over 10 years of expertise as a journalist, five years as a licensed massage practitioner, and I am also an eloquent orator and author,” said Dr. Carson.

She received several accolades outside her Honorary Doctorate such as the Brooklyn College Wall of Fame, the 2024 Empowered Woman Award, the 2023 Global Iconic Changemaker Award, the 2023 Global Recognition Award, the 2x Author All Star Award and the 2017 Brooklyn Golden Trowel Award, which are a testament to her recognition in her respected careers.

Dr. Carson’s multifaceted career sets her apart from others. Her distinguished accomplishments in the media qualify her as a role model for the next generation of female media professionals. She is endowed with numerous skills, including marketing and publicity, blogging, social media, entertainment journalism, news and feature writing, profiles, concert reviews, and conducting interviews. She interviewed more than 100 interviewees in popular culture.

In addition to being a well-known media professional, Dr. Carson is also a globally recognized massage practitioner. Her accomplished career demonstrates her enthusiasm for health and the betterment of her clients. Apart from her outstanding professional background as a media professional and massage practitioner, Dr. Carson has made a name for herself as an author. 

Success comes to those who embrace difficulties. Successful people such as Dr. Carson believe that obstacles are stepping stones to success. 

“The bigger the challenge, the greater the opportunity. I believe that every challenge we face is an opportunity to do better, to develop as a person, and to try something new. Without these opportunities, we can’t succeed personally or professionally,” said Dr. Carson. “I faced a lot of challenges throughout my journey, such as hearing deficiency for the first four years of my life, severe asthma as a child, sexual abuse as a child, losing seven members by the time I was 25, paternal abandonment, heartache, being bullied by a classmate, broken cracks in the household, lost my high school friends to suicide and a brain aneurysm, one of my male friends from childhood life spiraled after recreational drug use,  being teased by extended family, neglect from a teacher while in grammar school, personal biases from educators because I challenged their intellect, grown women gossiping about me for no apparent reason, a near fatal car accident in February 2023, and lost my dear friend and sister, Alisha “Toya” Owensford to breast cancer in August 2023. But every obstacle I faced strengthened my resilience, which helped me become the lady I am today.”

Dr. Carson’s accomplishments are just too numerous to list here. She mentioned tips that prompted her to be a highly accomplished, multifaceted professional and may help the next generation of female professionals achieve career success.

Here are her suggestions:

Don’t be afraid to change your priorities to match your opportunities.

Keep God first, let Him orchestrate the events in your life always and have F.A.I.T.H (Forwarding All Issues to Heaven).

P.R.E.S.S.U.R.E (Persistently Reshaping, Every Struggle Shapes Unstoppable Resilience and Endurance).

When you begin to understand your purpose in life, opportunities will knock at your door unexpectedly.

Embrace and accept failure. I have the perfect acronym for F.A.I.L (Fearless Attempt in Learning).

Diligence Outweighs Mediocrity (D.O.M)- Consistent Effort & Hard work = Excellence.

We are not immune to life challenges; it takes a long time to achieve success, but how you handle it determines the outcome of your life.

An inspirational vision is not a pipe dream; give it a chance to mature and reveal its true potential. 

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