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Hearings on Antisemitism Focused on University Campuses 

There are days that are particularly satisfying as a Member of Parliament. Days where you feel you actually made a significant difference. Something that would not have happened had you not been an MP. The last two days have been those types of satisfying days.

As I have previously mentioned I put forward a motion at the Justice Committee to hold hearings on antisemitism focused on university campuses. After working hard for a couple of months, that motion was unanimously adopted, and the hearings started on Thursday.

On Wednesday, in advance of the hearings, my Liberal colleagues Anna Gainey, Marco Mendicino, Julie Dabrusin, Ya’ara Saks and Ben Carr joined me and university students from across Canada at a press conference to discuss antisemitism on campus. I truly believe that most Canadians are good and when they hear what is happening, they will help put pressure on university administrations for action to take place. The press conference was incredibly well covered by media of all types.

Here is the National Post story:

Parties agree to testimony from besieged Jewish university students | National Post

And here is the video of the entire press conference, which I encourage everyone to watch.

Jewish Students Discuss Antisemitism on University Campuses – May 8, 2024 | Headline Politics | CPAC.ca

On Thursday morning the hearings began, and we heard from 4 Jewish university students including Cote Saint-Luc’s very own Nicole Nashen who just finished her second year of law at McGill, a representative of Hillel Canada and local lawyer Neil Oberman who has secured injunctions to protect access to community buildings. The testimony was incredibly impressive, and the stories told by the students made a great impact on Committee members.

You can watch the entire hearing at JUST – Meetings – House of Commons of Canada (ourcommons.ca). Just click the meeting of May 9, 2024, and watch it.

But in case you do not have time to watch the entire thing, I am also attaching a shorter clip where I questioned these students:

Antisemitism on campus: Student testimonies | Antisémitisme sur les campus: Témoignages d’étudiants (youtube.com)

Our next hearing will take place in two weeks on May 23rd.

Anthony’s Assembly Town Hall Meeting

Last Thursday night, May 2nd I returned from Ottawa and had the best attended town hall meeting I have ever had since I became an MP. Over 300 people gathered at the Aquatic and Community Centre in Côte Saint-Luc, and we had a productive two-hour meeting. We heard from Mayor Mitchell Brownstein, English Montreal School Board Chair Joe Ortona, CIJA chair Gail Adelson-Marcovitz, Rabbi Reuben Poupko and Montreal Holocaust Museum President Jacques Saada. I then spoke and took questions. I look forward to my next Anthony’s Assembly meeting which we will do in the early summer.

Yom Hashoah

This week was Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom Hashoah) and I had the privilege of attending the Montreal Holocaust Museum’s commemoration the night of Sunday May 5th and speaking at a commemoration at Herzliah High School on Monday May 6th.

In Ottawa, the Prime Minister delivered the speech that I have been asking him to give for a long time. Where he made clear that being a Zionist should not be something you hide, and that Zionism should not be a dirty word. The kind of speech I wanted the leader of our country to give. You will find it here: https://www.cpac.ca/headline-politics/episode/yom-hashoah-commemoration-service-in-ottawa–may-6-2024?id=92e30c19-b3bf-4eeb-943d-306e044ae8ef

If you have limited time and can only listen to a portion, please listen to this clip: https://www.facebook.com/anthonyhousefather/videos/818710010151318

Community Events

Last Friday May 3rd I had the pleasure of joining the United Pilipino Seniors and its President Gerry Danzil as we unwrapped the computers purchased as a result of the organization securing a federal grant under the New Horizons program. The program will teach digital literacy to seniors.

On Saturday night I attended a Mother’s Day Dinner and Dance co-hosted by the Women’s Catholic League and the Knights of Columbus at Saint Kevin’s Church.

Question and answer section

What is being done to counter foreign interference?

Ministers LeBlanc and Virani announced the introduction of Bill C-70, An Act respecting countering foreign interference. This Bill seeks to enhance the government’s ability to detect, disrupt and protect people in Canada against the threats posed by foreign interference.

The Bill includes:

  • Changes to the Security of Information Act.
  • the modernization of the 40-year-old Canadian Security Intelligence Service Act.
  • the modernization of certain Criminal Code offences.
  • and amending the Canada Evidence Act to introduce a standardized regime to protect and use sensitive information in administrative proceedings in the Federal Court of Canada.

Bill C-70 also introduces the Foreign Influence Transparency and Accountability Act (FITAA), which would enable the creation of a Foreign Influence Transparency Registry. Under the proposed framework, individuals or entities who enter into an arrangement with a foreign principal and undertake activities to influence a government or political process in Canada would be required to publicly register these activities.

Our government is committed to protecting Canada and the Canadian public from the threat of foreign interference, and to enhancing whole-of-society resilience against malign foreign influence through transparency mechanisms like the FITAA. Together, we can protect Canadian values, principles, rights, and freedoms from those who seek to harm them.

What is our Government doing to Protect Canadians and Canada’s economy from climate change?

Over the last few years, communities across the country have felt first-hand the effects of extreme weather and the damage it leaves behind. To help Canadians, especially younger Canadians, build a good middle-class life – one with an affordable home, lower bills, and a good job — we are investing to strengthen Canada’s emergency preparedness systems and to support our first responders. It is unfair that a lifetime of hard work could be taken away by a disaster.

We are also making generational investments to protect our homes, build resilient communities, fight climate change, and create good jobs for today and tomorrow. This is the right thing to do to protect our planet and ensure Millennials and Gen Z have the same opportunities their parents and grandparents had.

We are doing this in Budget 2024 by:

  • Delivering the Clean Technology Manufacturing investment tax credit and the Clean Hydrogen investment tax credit.
  • Doubling the Volunteer Firefighter and Search and Rescue Volunteers Tax Credits, from $3,000 to $6,000.
  • Building wildfire fighting capacity and enhancing training with $800,000 to partner with the International Association of Fire Fighters.
  • Advancing a national, low-cost flood insurance program by 2025.
  • Protecting communities from floods and storm surges by strengthening the Meteorological Service of Canada’s extreme weather early warning system; and,
  • Launching a Canada Green Buildings Strategy to help with the cost of energy efficient retrofits to lower home energy bills for renters and homeowners.

How can young people apply for Canada Summer Jobs?

Canada Summer Jobs for youth are now available! Young people (aged 15-30) are encouraged to visit the Job Bank website and mobile app to search for jobs! Canada Summer Jobs 2024 will provide more than 70,000 summer job opportunities for young Canadians, with an emphasis on youth facing barriers to employment.

A key pillar of the Government’s plan for youth is a focus on making life more affordable for Canadians—because when young people have the support they need to thrive, they can contribute to the economy, build a better life for themselves, and play an active role in their communities. Not only does Canada Summer Jobs allow young people to earn money over the summer, the program also offers many young Canadians their first work experiences, and a chance to develop skills and gain real work experience, paving the way to a successful career.

Through programs such as Canada Summer Jobs, the Government of Canada supports youth at every stage of their journey towards a bright and prosperous future.

Please encourage young people in your networks to apply today!

How can you submit nomination for Canada’s Volunteer Awards?

It is time to nominate an outstanding individual, a not-for-profit organization, a social enterprise, or a socially responsible business who has made a significant contribution in improving the lives of others in their community through volunteering. Help them get the recognition they deserve. The nomination period is officially open and will run until June 12, 2024.

Nominate an individual, a not-for-profit organization, a social enterprise or a socially responsible business who has made a significant contribution in improving the lives of others in their community through volunteering.

Did you know that you could nominate more than one volunteer? The 5 award categories are as follow:

  • One national award: the Thérèse Casgrain Lifelong Achievement Award; and
  • Four regional award categories: Community Leader, Emerging Leader, Business Leader and Social Innovator.

We are counting on you to recognize outstanding volunteers throughout Canada!

In addition to being recognized by the Government of Canada at a national ceremony, recipients are invited to choose a not-for-profit organization to receive a grant of $10,000 (national award) or $5,000 (regional awards).

  • Learn more about the Canada’s Volunteer Awards by visiting Canada.ca/volunteer-awards.
  • Help us spread the word by promoting the call for nomination to your colleagues, your friends and family. Please contact us if you would like to receive a promotional kit.
  • If you have questions, please contact us via email Info-cva-pbc-gd@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca or call 1-877-825-0434.



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