Dr. h.c. Lakeysha Mattis: A Model for the Next Generation of Female Business Leaders

Entrepreneurship or self-employment is life-changing for women since it is the only way for them to achieve financial empowerment and independence. Being their own boss makes them feel free, confident, secure, and respected, and it provides them with a flexible schedule and freedom to make decisions about their career, relationships, or lifestyle, which are the ultimate goals of every woman.
To be a successful entrepreneur, young women need fantastic role models who have experienced both success and failure in their entrepreneurial journey. Dr. h.c. Lakeysha Mattis aka Rebound and Reset Doula, a multi-award-winning female leader, is one of these great business role models.
Dr. h.c. Mattis has a strong educational background, as she holds an honorary doctorate in humanitarianism, a Master of Education (M.Ed.), a Bachelor’s (B.A.), and an Associate (A.A.) Degree in the Performing Arts. She is also an advocate for educational initiatives in Environmental Science issues emphasizing S.T.E.A.M concepts for socioeconomically disadvantaged students, MakerMovement emphasizing entrepreneurism, tinkering, engineer design processes, and agriculture in the classroom. Moreover, over the years she has also advocated and facilitated Social Emotional Wellness through the Performing Arts to allow students to express, connect, and bring healing to themselves and their greater communities.
“My name is Dr. Lakeysha Mattis. My areas of expertise include Business Coaching, Corporate Training, Leadership Coaching, Team Building, Change Management, Career Development Coaching, Corporate Events, Life Coaching, Public Speaking and Writing. I am a serial entrepreneur and run multiple firms, including Oasis of Hope International Inc., LaKeysha Mattis Enterprises LLC, and Abundant Mindset Institute International LLC,” Dr. h.c. Mattis shared in her introduction. Through these platforms, I share my wisdom, expertise, and guidance with individuals (predominantly women) encouraging them to become successful professionals and business leaders.
Dr. h.c. Mattis’s accomplishments are just too numerous to mention here. Her outstanding accomplishments have been recognized by the National Society of Leadership and Success Members, the Global Society for Female Entrepreneurs (GSFE), the Leaders of All Nations International (LOANI), Wal-Mart Awards, the Mojave Environmental Education Consortium, and Keystone Science School in Colorado.
Due to her extensive expertise as a serial entrepreneur and her excellent accomplishments as a business, leadership and life coach, Dr. h.c. Mattis has become a model for young women who want to pursue their careers as entrepreneurs. In today’s increasingly competitive environment, Dr. h.c. Mattis’ business success strategies may help the next generation of female entrepreneurs become successful business leaders.
“Networking with those who complement what you do. They don’t have to be in the same niche as you, but a niche that complements what you do.
Having a standard operating plan for your business that tells the ins and outs of how it is to be managed and operated. You should be able to give it to someone and they should be able to understand what you do and how you do it, and they can use it to understand how your business operates in a nutshell.
Having systems set up that help automate most of your business’s day-to-day activities. With AI in our midst, I have begun to revamp most of how I operate the business using AI as much as is feasible. I am in a learning period now and am in transition to streamline what I do in a more systematic way that makes sense for what I want to accomplish.
Using AI to create workflows for each major task in your business can help you delegate what you need to do with more ease and make it easier to track.
Work on yourself and never stop learning. I continue to work on myself by listening to myself, tapping into my inner emotions to guide my direction and decisions, listening to podcasts, YouTube videos, and reading books to learn how-to’s, and keeping myself updated on what’s going on that could affect myself and the audience that I serve. This way you can stay abreast of the ways you can better serve your target audience.
(Bonus) Throughout life, you will have others who don’t believe in you or don’t see your amazing potential. The bottom line is that you must believe in yourself and bet on yourself. Life can knock you down, but you must make up your mind not to stay down. Bet on you and bounce back big to live a life of purpose for your higher purpose. You have something special inside of you that the world needs to experience through a service or product, it doesn’t matter which one, what matters is that it’s delivered to all the folks that it can add value to!” advises Dr. h.c. Mattis.

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