Suad Rejk: A Female Leadership Role Model

Some women have achieved so much in their careers that other women look up to them as role models. Suad Rejk, a Sudanese Australian leader, is one of these female role models whose inspiring tale has been a great source of inspiration for the next generation of female professionals.

“My name is Suad Rejk. I share my own journey to inspire other women to break free from abusive relationships. As the founder of The Silent Voice, I provide vital support to Sudanese individuals, fostering, healing, and guiding them toward a bright future. I am the founder of The Silent Voice, a nonprofit organization,” Suad shared in her introduction. The Silent Voice advocates for women’s rights.

In addition to being an accomplished nonprofit leader, Suad gained popularity for her TV program The Silent Voice, where she spoke about families and domestic violence against women, men, and children. The Silent Voice was a program on A1TV, a community channel.

Suad is also the author of the well-known book THE SILENT VOICE OF MILLIONS: Power of a Muslim Woman. In her book, she presented her private experience as an example of how to stop domestic violence. She shared her struggle within her marriage and addressed taboo topics within certain communities. THE SILENT VOICE OF MILLIONS is her distinguished accomplishment, which has become a great source of inspiration for women of all ages, races, and ethnicities.

Challenges are a part of everyday life. They make us stronger and equip us to overcome the hurdles that lie ahead. Without them, life becomes somewhat meaningless. Suad is a great example of this whose resilience in the face of adversity propelled her to achieve new levels of success.

“I believe that everyday challenges provide a resilience-building process that helps us develop personally and professionally. I came to Australia in 2003. It is always hard for a migrant to settle in a new country, especially for a woman, but my resilience in the face of adversity helped me become the woman I am today. My great purpose of empowering the Sudanese community in Victoria kept me resilient in the face of challenges. This over two decades of challenging journey helped me unlock my hidden potential. Looking back at my over-two-decade journey in Australia, I see that every obstacle I faced provided me with a chance to learn and grow,” explained Suad.

Suad’s outstanding expertise and accomplishments qualify her as a global female role model. Throughout her professional career, she has performed multiple roles, such as owner and CEO of The Silent Voice, a nonprofit organization, owner and producer of the life changing TV program The Silent Voice, Sudanese Community Representative and Electorate Officer in Victoria, Author, Counselor, Empowerment Coach, and Mentor.

The next generation of female professionals and business leaders might get encouragement and drive to advance in their careers from well selected female role models. Female leadership role models, such as Suad may serve as mentors and advisors.

“Develop a strategic plan. Planning a good business strategy is the first step to success. The first step in creating an effective strategic plan is to understand the market thoroughly. Without understanding the market, you can’t plan a good strategy.


Time Management.

Knowing what you want and who your target is.

Challenges are part of life, learn how to let go and focus on your goals,” advises Suad.


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