Dr. Shamika Livingston, BCNP, DN: A Model for the Next Wave of Female Healthcare Executives

The healthcare sector might be the best option for you if you’re searching for a fascinating and fast-paced profession. In the healthcare industry, there are several job types, each with a distinct set of duties. Studies indicate that the aging population and increased frequency of chronic illnesses will drive a strong demand for jobs in the healthcare sector over the next ten years. Prominent healthcare entrepreneurs, such as Dr. Shamika Livingston, BCNP, DN, have made a name for themselves as role models for the next wave of female healthcare professionals.

“My name is Dr. Shamika Livingston, and I am the owner and founder of WellNurse Wellness Clinic, Grace Avail At Home LLC, co-founder of WIN Women in Nursing LLC, and Chapter President of Holistic Professionals of Color for NWPA,” Dr. Livingston shared in introduction. Founded in 2016, Grace Avail At Home LLC, a non-medical home care agency, has expanded its services to include CPR classes, Mobile Phlebotomy Services, and Mobile Foot Care Services.

Dr. Livingston, who founded and owns WellNurse Wellness Clinic, has created a holistic healthcare haven by providing cutting-edge, all-natural well-being solutions. Her list of qualifications is just too numerous to list here. She is a licensed practical nurse with many certifications, including CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner, ALA Assisted Living Administrator, and PCHA Personal Care Home Administrator.

It is quite impressive that Dr. Livingston is dedicated to empowering young women. Women in nursing are the focus of her organization, WIN Women In Nursing LLC. In order to encourage the professional development of women in the nursing area, this program provides business and career coaching, publishes anthologies, arranges award ceremonies, and holds conferences.

Everyone who has achieved success has encountered difficulties. Embracing obstacles may inspire people to be resilient, think creatively, and realize their full potential. This is best shown by Dr. Livingston.

“Since I’m a Licensed Practical Nurse, I’ve encountered discrimination and difficulties, but I think that obstacles are necessary to reach our full potential. My challenges helped me become the woman I am today because I viewed them as chances for personal development rather than obstacles,” stated Dr. Livingston.

Dr. Livingston is also the author of WIN Women in Nursing: The Entrepreneur Anthology, a game changer for new and emerging female healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs. This book highlights the incredible experiences of nurses from a range of specializations who have blended their nursing knowledge with business endeavors.
Dr. Livingston has made a name for herself as an entrepreneur by managing many healthcare-related businesses and writing a game-changing book on the subject. She could be a better mentor to the next generation of female entrepreneurs. “Invest in a business coach to gain valuable insights and guidance.
Expand your professional network to connect with industry peers and potential clients.
Foster collaborations with other businesses to leverage complementary strengths.
Establish and build your platform to showcase your expertise and offerings.
Conduct thorough research on your chosen business niche to identify opportunities and challenges.
Dear young ladies, one of my favorite mottos is “Just do it.” Taking the first step is crucial, as you will never discover the outcome unless you initiate action. Embrace challenges, believe in yourself, and persevere in pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams,” advises Dr. Livingston.
In addition to winning the 2023 Global Recognition Award, Dr. Livingston also received an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy of Nursing in recognition of her outstanding accomplishments as a healthcare professional and entrepreneur.
Dr. Livingston is unique in that she wants to recognize women in nursing who are CEOs or in leadership roles by presenting the Women in Nursing Excellence Awards on August 24, 2024, with awards for Nurse of the Year, Leadership in Nursing, Clinical Excellence, Innovation in Nursing, Community Outreach and Advocacy, Nurse Educator of the Year, Rising Star, and Patient Advocate of the Year.
Dr. Livingston’s accomplishments are just too numerous to list here. She is without doubt a global role model for the next generation of female professionals and executives in the healthcare sector because of her exceptional professional accomplishments and groundbreaking initiatives to empower women in the field.

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