Yamani Caliwara: An Entrepreneurial Role Model for Young and Aspiring Female Fashion Entrepreneurs

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world. According to a report, the global fashion industry is valued at $1.7 trillion as of 2022. Entrepreneurs in the fashion industry are known for their creative skills, innovative ideas, and new inventions. Due to their outstanding accomplishments, some fashion entrepreneurs have become entrepreneurial role models for young and aspirant fashion entrepreneurs. One of these role models is Yamani Caliwara, the owner of the House of Yamani.

Yamani is an internationally recognized, award-winning fashion entrepreneur, stylist, and designer. Her success story is highly inspiring.

“I was born and raised in the Philippines. I earned a bachelor’s degree in interior design and fashion styling at STYLE 2020 Academy and Parsons School of Design. 

Due to my family’s background in the fashion industry, I had a keen interest in the arts, whether it was design, beauty, fashion, or styling. Passion is the driving force inside us. My passion to join the fashion industry drove me to create my personal clothing brand, House of Yamani.

Creativity is the driving force behind all artistic processes. I’ve always been a creative person since I was young. I think it was inherently in my blood,” stated Yamani.

Yamani has proven herself to be a successful entrepreneur. Under her wise leadership, House of Yamani has become one of the world’s most famous brands.

“I believe my designs set me apart from everyone else because the ideas come from me. I have my very own style in the fashion world, just like everyone else has their own style.

I created my personal brand where I combined my studies at Style 2020 Academy, Los Angeles. The House of Yamani lets you embody your character, status, and the image you want to project with personalized hair, makeup, wardrobe collaboration, and fashion styling services. The House of Yamani makes sure you look and dress for success on every occasion.

It is difficult to create a brand. A brand launch needs to be well structured and organized. Of course, the process wasn’t easy, but with hard work and consistency, I succeeded in creating my own brand. I learned how to listen to my own instincts and not follow what people say to me. I want people to know that there is no limit to fashion and that being creative is not a bad thing and does not only limit the trends. You can make your own trends. It is always great to be a trendsetter rather than a follower,” she said. 

Yamani’s accomplishments make her unique. She has received several awards and has become a favorite cover girl for the biggest international magazines, which are showering her with various titles.

“I have received several awards, including the 2019 Best Entrepreneur Award, the 2016 Paul Harris Fellow Award, the 2017 Best Dressed Woman of The Philippines, the 2017 Best in Fashion & Styling (Gawad Amerika Awards), the 2018 Mrs Gawad Amerika Inter-Continental (an award received here in LA), the 2018 WOW Awards (Woman of Worth Awards), the 2018 Woman of Faaabvlous, the 2020 Woman of the Year, the 2021 Best in Fashion and Styling, the 2021 Most Promising Actress in Hollywood, the 2022 Best in Fashion and Styling, the Most Beautiful Filipina (an award received here in LA), and Best in Fashion and Styling 2023.

I have been the cover girl of several magazines, including Beverly Hills Society Magazine, Magic Image Hollywood Magazine, International Face Magazine, High Fashion Magazine, Pump Magazine, Vigour Magazine, Selin Magazine, Via Donna Spain, Asian Glamour Magazine, Asian Panorama Magazine, I Magazine, Images Asia, Paris Magazine, World Stars Magazine, and La Stelle Magazine,” she explained.

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Young women need female role models to inspire success. As an entrepreneurial role model, Yamani’s business success tips have become a vital source of inspiration for young women who want to pursue their careers as entrepreneurs.

“If you want to do it, do it now. Don’t worry about failure. Never quit in the middle of something. Winners never quit, and quitters never win.

To become a successful entrepreneur, be kind to yourself, keep the big vision in mind, and fuel your vision with perseverance. Start a business while you are still employed. Create a plan and keep detailed records. Analyze your competition because it helps you discover where your business is doing well and where you need to improve. Stay focused and be consistent. Provide great services and keep reading your target clients’ minds,” she advises.

Entrepreneurship is an incredibly powerful way to support and promote women’s economic independence. Fashion entrepreneurship is one of the best upcoming career options in today’s competitive world, and it is becoming more popular day by day among young people with creative minds.

Due to her outstanding accomplishments, Yamani has definitely become an entrepreneurial role model for young women who want to pursue their careers as fashion entrepreneurs.  

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