Mercy Gilbert: ‘Most Influential’ Woman in the UK

Serena Williams once said, “Every woman’s success should be an inspiration to another.” Strong female role models are important for women to follow to achieve success in their personal and professional lives. In today’s increasingly competitive world, strong women who have achieved exceptional success are the ultimate role models. Among these inspiring ladies is the multi-award-winning star Mercy Gilbert.

Mercy stands out for her excellent professional accomplishments. In her five years as chairperson of Petts Wood and Knoll, a position chosen annually, she has overseen mayoral and general elections, Brexit, and local elections, and she has officially represented her constituency by welcoming prime minister candidates Liz Truss and Boris John.

Mercy has represented her party on BBC Question Time Extra and BBC London Radio panels. She also serves as the UK director of the women’s group GDWN Global Development Women’s Network, which is affiliated with the UNO. In the sports industry, she is the director of SC Legends Football Academy Ghana, vice president of Clapton Football Club, and non-executive director adviser to E-Sport.

Mercy stands out for her dedication to women’s empowerment because she believes women are the foundation of families and are essential to the growth and development of communities. She serves as an advisor and lobbyist for governments and first ladies worldwide, notably those of Jamaica and the Bahamas. Congresswoman Frederica Wilson invited her to welcome 50,000 role models this year, and she was requested to bring them to Europe and Africa.

Mercy is now working with African countries, the Ministry of Tourism, and the Bahamas government to bridge the gap there. She has hosted several politicians in the UK to introduce them to investors, most recently the Zimbabwean minister of finance and tourism. She recently co-hosted a Commonwealth event in the House of Lords, alongside Lord Taylor.

Mercy was the anchor of the Woman Empowerment Event in the House of Lords. Lord Hussain, the first minister of Ireland, and British MPs working with the Universal Peace Federation were among the esteemed visitors. She has recently engaged with St. Lucia’s prime minister and high commissioner, and she recently hosted an education-related event to draw funding and scholarships for kids.

Mercy and Professor Alex Bushel are collaborating on agricultural projects throughout Africa and the Caribbean, with a pilot project underway in Delta State to assist farmers in raising their total take-home pay, generating jobs, and ending food poverty worldwide in the aftermath of the Ukrainian crisis and branching out to Ghana and Zimbabwe amongst the few countries she has signed contracts with.

Mercy collaborates with several US and Chinese groups, some of which support economic progress in Africa. She is collaborating with groups like Formula One and FIFA to create talent and exchange programs, with a focus on getting young females involved in STEM and engineering initiatives. She has also collaborated with the Rochas Foundation on sports and education initiatives.

Mercy started her foundation, the Mercy Gilbert Foundation, to eradicate food insecurity and period poverty and offer scholarships to youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds. She founded the British African Business Forum to foster relationships between executives and African businesses across the four continents.

Mercy is an expert in brand management, PR, marketing, and event management. Shaun Bailey, the conservative mayoral candidate, and other well-known people have benefited from her experience. Every year, she hosts multiple events, including International Women’s Day and Black History Month.

Mercy has won several honors, such as the Chairman Award, the Mayor’s Award, and the International Woman of 2023. In recognition of her contributions to community development worldwide, Highstone Global University in Texas awarded her an honorary doctorate.

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow. The next generation of women may learn more from role models such as Mercy about how to achieve in both their personal and professional lives.

“Gender should never refrain you from achieving your goals; it should rather be the plus that a woman gives birth to children and can juggle many different responsibilities at the same time she manages everything she does in like manner and with excellence a woman is selfless and focused on delivering women are everything the epitome of the heartbeat of the earth they must yield fruits anywhere they go they flourish amongst the thorns and raise up future generations to follow in their footsteps. Lastly, we fall, but we keep rising, as in the words of one of my favorite poets, Maya Angelou,” advises Mercy.

Mercy has accomplished so much that a multitude of volumes might be written about her.

I stand out as a male novelist since I have written about more than a hundred well-known ladies. I consider Mercy Gilbert to be the most influential woman in the UK after doing a comprehensive analysis.

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