400 officers launch raids in Montreal cocaine, money laundering bust

Almost 400 cops spread out across Montreal on Tuesday in the thing RCMP are calling a “gigantic activity” focusing on a thought criminal association in the city.

“The infractions being researched are cocaine dealing, tax evasion and unlawful betting,” RCMP representative Sgt. Charles Poirier told Worldwide News outside one of three struck bars in the city’s north end.

A RCMP garrison should have been visible outside, alongside a heap of broken glass and a police dog.Police served 20 court orders at four organizations — generally bars — and 16 homes dissipated across the Montreal locale.

“Contingent upon what’s found at these areas, it’s conceivable we’ll have extra court orders in progress, perhaps a few captures, and not too far off, the laying of a few lawbreaker accusations,” Poirier said.The RCMP is driving the examination which includes Montreal police and the Canada Income Organization.

The strikes likewise included officials from out of territory, so they could be “synchronous,” Poirier said.

“We’ve enrolled the assistance of English Columbia, Ontario and New Brunswick RCMP crisis reaction groups,” he said.

The RCMP wouldn’t agree that which “criminal association” officials were focusing on, just that it is “known” to them.

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