‘He blocked us’: Man accused in Ottawa homicide changed recently, family says

The 19-year-old Sri Lankan public charged in what police have called perhaps of the most terrible mass killing in Ottawa’s new history has family in the city who say his way of behaving as of late different.

Ottawa police charge Febrio De-Zoysa killed a mother, her four youngsters including an over multi month-old alongside a family colleague.

De-Zoysa is confronting six counts of first-degree murder and one count of endeavored murder. The dad, recognized in court reports as Dhanushka Wickramasinghe, experienced serious yet not perilous injuries.”I’m actually shaking, that family was so pleasant to him,” his auntie Anusha De-Zoysa told Media Friday. “They were a particularly great family.”

She says the denounced is her sibling’s most seasoned child and came to Canada a long time back, portraying her nephew as “calm” and a “great understudy.”

“I’m frozen, I can’t rest,” she said.

She said that De-Zoysa inhabited her home for the principal month he came to Canada, around quite a while back. From that point onward, he became flat mates with Wickramasinghe, whom she says he met at Algonquin School.

She added that Wickramasinghe had been attempting to move his family from Sri Lanka to Ottawa and welcomed De-Zoysa to reside with him at the Berrigan Drive house once the family came over.

She says De-Zoysa remained with family members in Ottawa, prior to moving in with the Wickramasinghe family, however says he as of late removed his family members.

“He quit reaching us. He impeded us. Our telephone numbers, virtual entertainment. Everything was impeded,” she said. “No way on earth did I at any point figure this would happen.”Ottawa Police Boss Eric Stubbs told correspondents on Thursday that agents were all the while attempting to decide precisely exact thing the everyday environment was according to De-Zoysa and the people in question, however affirmed De-Zoysa additionally inhabited the Barrhaven home.

Police presently can’t seem to distinguish a potential rationale.

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