The situation in Gaza, as we all know, is even worse.Stephen Brown CEO | NCCM

Asalamu alaikum / Peace be upon you  

What a couple of weeks it has been.   

Last weekend, with heavy but transformed hearts, my colleagues and I landed back in Canada from our trip to Palestine and Jordan (organized by The Canadian Muslim Vote).  

We saw the destructive results of the Israeli occupation on Palestinian cities in the West Bank, like Jenin.

Our resolve is renewed after seeing such destruction firsthand—in Jenin, in Jerusalem, in Bethlehem, in Hebron, and beyond—from the Israeli military and illegal settlers attacks in the region.

The situation in Gaza, as we all know, is even worse.

This is why today’s ruling by the International Court of Justice is an important first step.

While we were deeply disappointed that the ICJ did not order provisionally for a ceasefire, the ICJ ruled overwhelmingly that Israel must “take all measures within its power” to prevent genocidal acts in Gaza. And that Israel must provide aid to Gaza, as well as punish anyone who has been inciting genocide.

The Israeli government has consistently said that it respects the rules of war. The judges’ remarks indicate that the ICJ does not agree. 

Canada must announce its support for the ruling as a first step, and clearly rearticulate the call for an immediate ceasefire. We have to stand for accountability and for peace.  

The world is watching. In Gaza, mass starvation and disease looms. More Palestinians there may die of hunger than have already died in the recent bombings and invasion. The Government and military of Israel are not letting food, water, and electricity into Gaza. This has to stop.  

Since October 7th, over 300 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank, including 60 children. Over 25,000 have been killed in Gaza, including several thousand children. 

Canada must play a role in stopping the violence in Gaza.

What It Means For Canadian Muslims

We will redouble our efforts to push Canada to be a global leader in calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, especially as we approach January 29th, the seventh anniversary of the Quebec City mosque shooting that killed six Muslim worshippers and changed this country forever.  

As we reflect on the horrors of that night, we are spurred to stand up against injustice everywhere, here at home or abroad.  

We will fight for our community’s right to call out injustice wherever we see it, including in Palestine. We will fight day and night against any attempt to curtail our civil liberties on this issue.  

We need you on this journey with us. So, let us move forward together.


Stephen Brown


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