As messy winter storm nears, Quebecers prepare to ‘buckle down’

It was the calm before the storm.People in Kirkland are concerned as they prep for a storm that could become messy.

“We’re trying to prepare — we have our candles at home. Our fireplace is electric, so we won’t be able to use it, but we’re pretty nervous,” said Jess Delaney, Kirkland resident.

Environment Canada says Laval and the greater Montreal area can expect about 15 to 20 centimetres of snow Tuesday night, followed by strong winds and periods of freezing rain.

“The amount of freezing rain isn’t that much and it’s going to be falling after a good amount of snow, so maybe less slippery roads but still, some concerns about power outages,” said Simon Legault, Environment Canada meteorologist. “Just plain heavy, wet snow can cause those power outages as well.”

And that makes many in Montreal’s West Island communities worried, as last April’s ice storm is still fresh in people’s minds.

“We lose power a lot — we’re on the forest here, so trees fall,” said Melissa Picard, a Kirkland resident. “We’re the first to lose power on the island most of the time. So we just buckle down, make sure we have candles, things to keep us warm.”

Many mayors of the cities and boroughs on the West Island say they’re ready in case of power outages.

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