Nasal sprays, personal massagers recalled in Canada

Health Canada is pulling some Life Brand nasal sprays off the shelves due to a labelling error.

The agency issued multiple recalls Thursday for all lots of Life Brand long-lasting decongestant nasal spray (15 millilitres) and the 20-millilitre decongestant nasal spray.

“Affected lots may be labelled with the incorrect drug facts table found on the back panel of the bottle,” Health Canada said.

The products are being recalled from wholesale and retail, but Health Canada didn’t mention how many nasal sprays were affected.The recalled sprays have market authorization numbers DIN 02454351 and DIN 02452812.

Health Canada said if people have any health concerns from using the affected products, they should consult their health-care provider and also report any side effects to the agency.

Nasal sprays are used to help relieve congestion if you have a blocked or stuffy nose. Some can also be used for sneezing, itchy and runny nose.

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