Setting realistic goals for New Year’s resolutions is key, experts say

Small steps to creating new habits could be the key to keeping your New Year’s resolution.

Just a few days into 2024, many people have their new resolutions weighing heavy on their minds and it’s no surprise that getting into shape is a popular goal. Fitness and nutrition experts, however, say it’s important to think about your long-term health rather than just losing weight.

According to multiple experts, the number one mistake people make is setting unrealistic goals and then feeling bad for failing.

“They enter a gym for the first time in 20 years and then they (want to) go six times a week, two hours per session,” said Gabriel Hardy, general director of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada.Hardy who is also a kinesiologist adds it’s just not realistic.

“They cut everything. They don’t eat cake anymore, they don’t eat dessert, they don’t drink wine.”

Dr. Henry Mahncke, a neuroscientist and CEO of Brain HQ,  agreed.

“I think the biggest issue is we treat it like a moral issue. You’re a good person if you stick to it and you’re a bad person if you fail and we should think about it like a learning issue,” he said.

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